Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Opportunities God Provide For Me to Find My Success, My Strength, My Faith & Most of all Myself!

Yokwe & Hafa Adai!
I've been half way around the States second guessing what I want to do with my life because I know I've been known to chicken out when it comes to moving on with my life. Ha.ha. ( YUP! it's sure is funny) I've lived in five different States, visited three different States went back to visit one State I used to live in. Funny how life is an adventure for me. Sometimes, When life is tough I think that is the only thing that I am good at doing. Taking a trip to somewhere I feel so much myself. Although, nothing compares to home. Saipan. But, each State reminds me of Saipan in different ways. Socorro,New Mexico reminds me so much of how I'd go to church and noise of a baby crying would be the start of Sacrament or the middle & the end of Sacrament. Idaho Falls, Idaho the State I realized what I wanted to do in life but, it never came clear because all I did was party, Party and more partying. Greeley,Colorado. I'll say my struggle State because not only are the people sweet, amazing, and wonderful it was hard to fit in and make it feel like home. Enid, Oklahoma. I love how I got to spend time with my Cousins and got to know who I am related to and who I am not related to. But, it was also a tough State I've lived in because not only was I glad to be around cousins I've never met till I moved there but, my Testimony in the Gospel felt like it was no where near and I felt so confused and lost and out of placed. Then, I moved back in with Dan & Karen this time it wasn't in Socorro but, it was in Utah. I am still figuring out how to survive the Weather of Utah because the Bipolarness is annoying but, who wouldn't be annoyed right? Ha.Ha. Well, Anyways, So I lived with Dan & Karen and Baby Jacob in Tooele until Dan mention about Job Corp and how I should check it out. I was glad to check it out because if you would have seen how my life was in Tooele you would know I was depressed, annoyed, and can't even find a job. I was always in my room either sleeping or just avoiding the outside world. ( Not a very good start of living in Utah I KNOW!) So, I went to visit friends from Saipan in Orem/Provo area for Last April General Confrence then the next week I packed my lagguage and went for a visit back to Idaho Falls with my Best Friend Liria and her family. I then continued my trip with them to California and spend more time with my God-Son Junior. I was one happy person because the day I was heading back to Utah a phone call came and I was accepted into Clearfield Job Corps Center in Clearfield, Utah. If you see me around and ask if that was the best discussion I've ever made I'll gladly say YES! best of the best! Despite all the drama & the rules of CJCC I was glad it was for the safety of each student. I had such a positive attitude, Join CJCC Leadership plus, made so much memories and good friends too. I've also learned so much and passed my State Boards to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, Graduated from DATC and CJCC last Year also I recieved my Acceptance Letter for Weber State University, Utah State, and Utah Valley University but, out of the Three Weber State University has won me over. So, now I am currently living in Ogden,Utah working at Wastach Care Center as a CNA and waiting on Fall Semester 2013 to start. I am blessed by the opportunties God has provide for me and I am still being bless for other opportunities to arise as I find the Strength & Faith to unfold every bit of what lies ahead of me. I also, awaits on what trials and struggles God will provide for me. Yes, One door closes another door opens. God's gift to each of us here on Earth. Don't take that opportunity for granted. :-)  here  is Some pictures for you all to see the opportunities I took when I took the chance and never fear what lies ahead of each path.

 My Best Friend Liria and the Family
 CJCC Family ( The People I came into CJCC with)
  Carissa& I ( We didn't get to meet Senator Lee but, we met the other Lee guy)
 Cousin Smilynn, Me & Ellynn ( Mom side & Dad side of the Family)
 Boo YAH!!! I am OUT!
 Most inspired person in my life at CJCC What would I do without her?
 My Two most Favorite Cory & Daniel HIV/AIDS walk/run marathon ( BEST of the BEST)
 TN's Best Counselor My other Favorite and inspired person
 My BOO THANG girls
 The Guy kneeling down Mr.White is the person who inspired me to go for Weber State University and he introduce me to so many at WSU staffs
 Success is KEY
 CJCC Island Dancers
 These are my two favorite roommates now and I am so blessed to have them in my life

Corrine & I with our Marshallese Island Wear
 You'll know when you are loved when you kiss a bulldog..
CJCC Student Leadership
My God-Son Junior & I ( He LOVES winnie the Pooh) and I seem to be the Winnie but, he could be the Pooh... LOL